1. I would like to request a quote for your services, what info should I provide to get an estimate?

Please email us at needsignswillpaint@gmail.com with as much of the following

information as possible:

– Signage type (wooden sign, paper sign, gold leaf, glass lettering, mural, office wall, etc...)

– If it is pre-designed or if you will you need an original design ** see design info if a design is needed

– If the design is already prepared please attach files in vectorized PDF, .AI, or .EPS formats

– Size/Dimensions of surface we will be painting on, and desired Size/Dimensions of design.

– Type of surface (drywall, glass, brick, etc...)

– # of colors

– Finish (gloss, matte, etc...)

– Images of work site if available

– Timeline/Deadline


We factor a design fee into any project where we take on the design duties from scratch. We are happy to provide an initial mock up or sketch of our design, but we require a 50% downpayment on the project before providing further rounds of design. Deposits are non-refundable. If the design is being used for merchandising, licensing fees will be negotiated.

2. I've provided the information above, when can I expect a quote?

We do our best to provide a quote within 2 days of the initial request, always within a week. 

3. The quote is approved, I'm ready to move forward with the project! What's next?

If the quote is approved we'll ask for a 50% deposit and we'll start figuring out the schedule. We will invoice for the deposit immediately along with a general contract. Mailing a check is preferred. We will also schedule a site visit for a quick meeting and to get final measurements.

4. How do we wrap things up after the project is finished?

We appreciate picking up the final payment on the day we finish the project, but we understand this isn't always possible. If this isn't possible please mail us a check after receiving the final invoice. Our payment terms are NET 15. If there is any specific payment requests or concerns, please be 100% up front at the start of the project and we will decide if it's something that can be worked out.


- We do not handle sign installation (wooden signs, blade signs, etc...) we can refer you to someone who is qualified.

- We will deliver signs within the Boston area for no additional fee depending on location. If you are outside the Boston area we can ship, but we will apply the shipping charge to the remaining payment invoice.


- Please on the day of our arrival, have the job area clean. We would not like to be responsible or liable for moving any furniture, machinery, equipment, etc... that may be obstructing the job site.

- Please try and avoid scheduling us during busy office or restaurant hours. Additionally if avoidable, while you're business is renovating or in the process of being built please avoid scheduling us on the same day as general contractors, or other workers so we are not getting in anyones way or risk the paint being damaged.

- If a surface needs a fresh base coat of paint, it needs to be applied at least 2 days in advance. We use various tools like tape and charcoal to assist in our job and we want to make sure the paint is fully dried before applying any of those things to avoid peeling, staining or other damage.