NSWP offers a variety of gold leaf options to give your storefront or project a stunning look. We get many questions about what we can provide, so below we’ve listed out a few of the most common styles to help you narrow things down. We can work with any karat of gold (or silver) per clients request.

(designs not limited to what is shown)

Gold Leaf_2Tone.jpeg

Boston Gild/2 Tone Finish

This style has a matte center, decorated with a mirror finish around it’s edges and outlined in black. This process uses a clear varnish applied first, which causes the “matte” effect once the gold is applied. The gold is applied using a gelatin water size. To keep the gold protected from wear and tear, the backside is painted black. Provides great legibility from a distance.

Gold Leaf_Mirror.jpg

Mirror Finish

A straight-forward and classic look. Examples above include a version with a black shadow, and one with no outlines at all, just pure gold. We use gelatin water size to apply the gold here as well.

Gold Leaf_Matte.jpg

Matte Finish/Surface Gild

This finish is created using a process called surface gilding where a slow or quick set varnish is applied, which leaves a tacky surface and acts much like a glue. Once the varnish is ready, the gold is pressed onto the varnish and the result is the matte or satin look. This technique can be applied to many different types of surfaces including glass, wood, metal, mirrors, and more. Additional textures such as “engine turning” can also be added (example below).

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 6.03.16 PM.png